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Please find a cross section of Veripath farmer resources below. If you don’t find what you are looking for do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

For farmers seeking to expand, we can be a strategic partner who acquires the land you source then leases it back you under a long-term contract. You grow your operations and avoid tying up too much capital or taking on too much debt.

For retiring farmers, we can: (i) help you make a gradual exit over time by buying some of your land and leasing it back; (ii) buying your land while you keep the home quarter if you want to remain living at home; or (iii) simply give you the opportunity to sell all your land in a single, fair transaction.

For new farmers who do not have the capital or track record to access financing from traditional providers we can take ownership of a farm and lease it to you under a long-term agreement.

Lease Financing

An overview of farmland lease financing and why farmers are partnering with Veripath.

Land-Unit Swap

An overview of our Land-Unit Swap program and how it can help meet your goals.