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We aim to provide superior absolute and risk adjusted returns linked to Canadian farmland price disparities and overall agriculture commodity demand. Veripath employs a data driven investment approach based on a number of quantitative tools for land analysis.

NAV/UnitVeripath Farmland Fund (R) LPVeripath Farmland Fund (UR) LP
Series WSeries W2Series PSeries ASeries WSeries W2 Series PSeries A
FY 20191.0362-------
Q1 20201.0473-------
Q2 20201.0538-------
Q3 20201.0800---1.0538-1.0497-
Q4 20201.0997-1.0997-1.0657-1.0551-
Q1 20211.1311-1.1161-1.0735-1.0633-
Q2 20211.1567-1.12661.12661.1137-1.10241.1024
Q3 20211.16641.15671.13631.12901.11511.11371.11111.1073
Q4 20211.18551.17561.15441.14691.12871.12731.12491.1211
Q1 20221.21021.19981.17431.16631.15251.15071.14511.1409
Q2 2022​1.2525​1.2418​1.2113​1.1999​1.1770​1.1748​1.1662​1.1621
Q3 20221.28271.27151.23581.22691.20271.20051.18721.1820