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Please find a cross section of Veripath research articles below. If you don’t find what you are looking for do not hesitate to reach out to our research team.

Farmland and inflation

Farmland has demonstrated an ability to generate positive real returns in inflationary and also stagflationary environments.

Benefits of farmland

Farmland provides competitive returns with low volatility, can improve portfolio Sharpe ratios, is an effective inflation hedge and is a useful diversifier.

Farmland Omega ratios

The Omega ratio uses both risk and return to determine the probability weighted ratio of gains over losses.

Farmland Sortino ratios

Sortino ratio analysis does not penalize farmland for its strong tendency to upside deviations which are beneficial for investors.

Farmland supply trends

Supply trends are important to investors at both the acquisition and disposition stage as such trends can factor into land pricing.

Portfolio construction

For portfolio represented by equity/bond holdings of 60/40 weighting, farmland can enhance aggregate financial performance.

Factor optimized portfolio

Based on a matrix of return factors a non-acre based portfolio of row crop farmland can be constructed.

Cubic mile of oil

An analysis of estimated future global energy demand reveals the magnitude of the challenge to continue to grow supply.

Farmland demand drivers

Global demand for farmland is driven by population trends, improving diets and water deficits.

Farmland supply drivers

Global farmland supply is affected by climate changes, water scarcity, land degradation and urban development.

Farmland and real rates

Real rates have had a material effect on the behavior of Canadian farmland over the last 40-years.

Farmland and water

Water supply issues will continue to put demands on the world agriculture commodity markets.

Farmland and ESG

Sustainable agriculture is an area where Canada truly leads to reduce GHGs and help feed the planet.

Carbon and Returns

Canadian zero-till farmland portfolios - sequestering carbon and generating long-term stable returns.

Farmland Sharpe Ratios

Canadian row-crop farmland, particularly in AB, SK, MB and ON has demonstrated high Sharpe ratios over multiple time series.

Canadian Farmland - Provincial Factsheets

Province by province - arable acres, land maps, ownership regulations, Sharpe ratios etc.

Geometric Mean Return - S&P Plus Farmland

Assets described as cost effective safe havens enhance the GM return of a portfolio.