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Press Release

Farmland Loss Trends in Canada

Farmland loss has been a relatively consistent and global phenomenon. Canada has not been immune from this global trend with three key factors generating these losses: soil degradation, population growth and urbanisation. – Each year Canada loses approximately 50,000 to 60,000 acres of farmland to

Veripath Grows to Approximately 90,000 Acres in Q2 2021

Veripath Farmland Partners LP (“Veripath”) is pleased to announce that the growth in the AUM of its portfolios continued in Q2 2021 – increasing over 15%, representing the addition of approximately 13,000 acres to the land base held by Veripath’s portfolios and bringing aggregate assets

Farmland Leasing is Increasing in Popularity

In an April 20, 2021 report from Farm Credit Canada “2020 FCC Farmland Rental Rates Analysis” leasing farmland is becoming an increasingly popular option in the farming community. According to Statistics Canada, 43% of all farmland in Canada was leased in 2016 compared to 39%

Veripath Announces 2.86% Quarterly NAV Increase

Veripath Farmland Partners is pleased to announce that as of April 23rd, 2021, the Veripath Farmland (R) LP – Series W unit price is $1.1311/unit up 2.86% from the previous quarter.  Even during the COVID-19 economic dislocation, farmland continues to demonstrate many of the compelling