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How farmland funds offer ESG solution and fertile returns

“Veripath Partners of Alberta is developing carbon credits for its Canadian prairie farmland funds. “As the price of carbon credits has gone up in Europe, it’s making carbon credit buyers really search around the world for credits,” Stephen Johnston, Veripath’s Managing Partner, told Wealth Professional. “We don’t

Inflation Sparks Land Interest

Veripath featured in Western Producer: “Looking for a stable Canadian investment that has a history of outperforming inflation? Look no further than western Canadian farmland. That’s the message from Veripath Farmland Partners LP, a Calgary-based farmland partnership that owns about 90,000 acres of productive farmland

Investors Turn Toward Farmland as Inflation Hedge

“Farmland has been an attractive asset to own because of its potential for returns during inflationary periods. Institutional investors and wealthy families are interested in investing in agricultural land because those returns have a low correlation with stocks and other asset classes and provide a

How to cultivate an evergreen farmland fund

“As the pandemic crisis raged across the world over the past year and a half, governments and central banks in developed countries have shown an extreme willingness to keep their economies with unprecedent levels of fiscal and monetary stimulus – and it’s making a lot

The growing investment appeal of Canadian farmland

For a lot of investors trying to read the economic tea leaves, comparisons between the current environment and the stagflation pressure cooker of the 1970s might seem like a stretch. But if you ask Stephen Johnston, the similarity is definitely there. “Back then, you had

Veripath in Global AgInvesting Media

Since its formal launch in mid-2020, Calgary-based Veripath Farmland Partners (Veripath) has rapidly grown, today reaching approximately $170 million AUM across its portfolios. Veripath’s highly experienced team offers funds that incorporate two features that are unique for the Canadian market, Stephen Johnston, director, Veripath, told GAI

Veripath 2021 Capital Targets

Veripath in Agri Investor magazine “Veripath targets $250M fund size by year-end 2021. The Canadian farmland investment fund could reach $1bn within three years due to a combination of inflation and low financial market yields…” Click for full article on Agri Investor