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Farmland, Inflation, Stagflation and Real Rates

Veripath director Stephen Johnston in Global AgInvesting “Based on what can only be described as the massive growth of the global money supply in the last 12 months, the apparent willingness of central bankers to continue to backstop unprecedented fiscal deficits, and a large contraction

Veripath in Western Producer

Farmland called a hedge against stagflation. That was the situation in the 1970s, when a combination of weak economic growth and surging commodity prices left millions of people relatively poorer. One of the prices that surged was farmland, which soared in value during the decade.

Veripath in AgriInvestor Magazine – Stagflation and Farmland

Retail and institutional investors are starting to consider farmland not just for superior Sharpe ratios but also as a form of portfolio inflation and even stagflation insurance.